the anxieties of a 20-something creative

Truthfully, mine is just to say something small…

Allow me to introduce the post with Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny’s Child….

I’m getting settled at work,waiting for 8:30 am to arrive so that I can begin my business. I’m in my twenty third year of life and Lord forgive me when I look at this post three years from now and cringe at these words – but for now, allow me to let them express my current truth.

Writing has always been a hobby and now it’s my full time job. Taking pictures has become something I’ve continued to fancy and practice – sometimes calling myself a photographer. Then there’s talking – or podcasting, radio hosting (whichever you prefer) – my long time career pursuit that’s still molding itself. In these three loves of mine, the song rings rings rings and in my moments of “so how is your future going to be?” I wonder how these creative aspects will pay my bills – from my rent, to electricity, to fuel, to water for my dispenser. The list seems endless right now not to mention that I’d like my apartment to look pinterest-worthy.

Sometimes I linger on the hope that people will take creatives a lot more seriously than they currently do and actually pay us real money. Perhaps sponsor our blogs, purchase our pictures, advertise on our podcasts but for now, this remains an anxiety.

Also, since i’m still on this jam – let it be known that i’m grateful to not have a triflin’ brutha as my man.


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