Praise Yourself but Grow Yourself


As we conclude the month of March, i’m focusing on my personal achievements.


For a young creative in Nairobi, to me they seem minimal and I have a few friends who would beg to differ yet at the end of the day it’s all in the power of the mind.

My mind is often my greatest nightmare and sometimes I get lost in the belief that I haven’t done enough. But what is enough?

ENOUGH: As much or as many as required. (SYNONYMS – adequate, ample, sufficient, abundant)

The truth in this is that enough has to come from contentment. Once I learn to be content with my productivity then the feeling of ‘having done enough’ will settle in.

Now, please – don’t get this twisted with the notion that goes a little like this: “I’ve done my best now I can chill for the rest of my days”. This is the major key in laziness.



If anything, keep striving to do more, to learn more – meet new people, do exciting things. Because doing the most means working hard and being content as well taking time off to play hard – and of course, praising your achievements. Doing the most means challenging yourself and saying “Yes! I’ve done a lot and I’m content with my achievements. However, how about I do more?”

In the wise words of Nneka Julia “staying in one place, surrounded by the same people for a majority of one’s life can cripple perspective”. I can’t stress this enough – set your mind out to know more and once you have, take some time to praise yourself for achieving that goal – no matter how itsy bitsy it seems. Remember, you are your biggest fan.

Speaking for myself again, I’ve affirmed to set weekly and monthly intentions which I review at the end of the week – and month. I praise myself for the goals I have been able to achieve (even if they are 3 out of the 7 I had planned) and then set out to achieve the other 4 – and more. It goes to show that self appreciation and interest to know more can go hand in hand ama?

Share with me your personal achievements – gas yourself up a little! How about your goals for this coming April? Let me know!


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