In the spirit of appreciating creatives…

Earlier last week (28.03.2018) I attended the Sondeka Creative’s Award show. I had previously submitted my podcast but as fate would have it, NSP didn’t make the cut. When my colleague at work told me that Paukwa Stories (my work residence) had qualified and was nominated under the ‘short stories’ category, I was ecstatic to say the least because among the compilation of stories she had submitted, a number were authored by me.

The event was bliss, to say the least – with creatives from all walks of life, poised and comfortable in our various African themed outfits.

The MC kicked off the event by saying – and I quote “It’s good to be in a room with people who failed the Sciences.” There was some laughter but there were evidently heads shaking in front of me. Why? Because like most perceptions that are not validated, people associate being a creative with the aftermath of failing in school but weren’t music and art some of our high school (and primary) subjects?

This statement made me think further into how we nowadays boast about being creatives, often gassing ourselves and peers in the same field on their creative endeavours, works and accomplishments. But what about our peers who have successfully made it through even two years of med school? Or our law students heavy on twitter – possibly complaining about another UON strike? They may be out of school but they sure as hell seem eager to get the work done and wear that black gown with some shiny decorations around their neck that leaves the rest of us thinking “THEY MADE IT!” There’s also the quantity survey students who I feel have been neglected in the once ‘famous five’ careers, being categorized under architecture but please let’s not pull out the comparison card.

For those that know me, I tend to digress a lot but this is me trying to breathe my thoughts into existence – or type them out for in depth understanding.

I can’t stress how much I love being a creative but in the spirit of endorsing and appreciating creativity how about we shift the focus to hard work? The type that’s well deserving of our praise. Because at the end of the day we all want to succeed – creative or not. So spend time with people who are pursuing careers contrary to your own. Learn about their fears, their joys, anxieties and reliefs! Share your hardships and truths, embrace the differences in hobbies, talents and mind sets – do not be confined to the box labelled “we are creatives” side lining the rest… Otherwise we’ll be a generation that tells our kids “Being a creative is what you must do” even if they truly want to pursue aviation or engineering or education.

Food for thought friends.

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