Excuse me? Hello. Hi.

I needed to preach today about Beyonce because .. Coachella, or better still, BEYCHELLA.

I’m speaking this out loud as I type it because I want to say I’m speaking – as well as writing this for some girls, who share this opinion.

Beyonce is a performer! Period.

I’ve typed this following a brief conversation

20180415_131353 (1)

I’ve had with a person about whether Bey would ever come to Nairobi – and how expensive it would be that people would probably not want to go, or afford to buy.

But i’m hear to speak hope (because it’s Sunday – Amen?). We will hope that she comes and because whatever the amount, it will be worth seeing Beyonce perform!


Why? Here’s my thing, we’re living in the era where we’ve got to see the first Black Woman perform at a major annual music event aka breaking boundaries. She has proudly flaunted herself as a female artist without being shadowed by the identity of her husband and she has shown us that she is a performer – that’s a talent (for those in the back).

So yes! If Beyonce comes to Kenya and the price is sijui how much, some of us are going! And we will return without our edges, as un-laid as some of ours are.


So on behalf of the rest of us who watched from home, thank you Beyonce!


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