APRIL, 2018

And just like that, we’re five months into the year!

It’s 30th April 2018 and I’m reflecting on this past month as well as the first quarter of the year. Writing has become more than a job to me. Reading is becoming a preferred habit for leisure. Nova (my afro) is blooming and her volume is A1. We’re connecting and communicating better as a family. I’m living my best life!

I wanted to wait until the day was over before I could conclude on it and here we are.. I made a bold decision today and I’m smiling about it. Despite having had a few hiccups, I’ve ended the month on a note that solidifies how I walk into May – with bravery, self control and more ambition. Bravery to make the best decisions for the person that I am – and becoming. Self control… like, even when you smell fries, you won’t go and buy them (#WaruGang). And ambition to continuously kick ass and be an outstanding creative.

I’ve put together my April gallery, consisting of the activities I took part in, the places I visited (in the places category off the main menu), the selfies I served, the book I read and most importantly, the food I ate (not all of it, wouldn’t want to leave you traumatized)!



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