MAY, 2018

In one of the historical stories I came across while doing my research on the evolution of sports in East Africa, I realized that we’ve come a long way from the colonial era and the manifestation of the process began during colonial rule. I found that as much as a lot of sports were introduced to us through Europeans, we’ve managed to show if not anything else, that we can soar. Essentially, proving to the white folk who came to our land with the notion that we were not intelligent that they shouldn’t underestimate our capabilities.

Football, which is possibly the most popular sport globally was one of the first that gained heavy recognition in East Africa and when our ancestors tried to join local football teams managed by Europeans, their requests fell on deaf ears. They weren’t deterred by this and decided to form their own teams/clubs. Eventually, they got so good at the game that they had tournaments against the teams that once denied them however, since the British controlled all aspects of this game in particular, our teams were forced to play barefoot. They did this because 1. they were intimidated by the prowess of our people and 2. to show if not remind us who was in charge.

Now, this information had me think a little deeper on the matter. I’m an over-thinker by nature and I ended up relating it to routine. Everyday, we do at least five similar things which I believe give life to the term ‘habit’. I imagine had the first indigenous football team or locals keen on pursuing the sport, whether for leisure or otherwise, been un-bothered in trying to learn the sport, they would have continued with their same habitual routine – whatever it may have been, and there would have been one less fraction of evolution.

May has been, for me, a series of routine. Wake up, get dressed, do my eyebrows and put on some mascara, come to work, work, head home. I have occasionally done a few new things in between but for the most part it’s been the habitual routine. The thing is, this sometimes causes a stifle in creativity and I’ve now considered adding a few things to my schedule to add to habit. Perhaps praying a little more, or spending time in a newspaper archive or library or even taking a drive… just because! I’ve also had the mind to try and travel, nothing luxurious and over budget but something that I wouldn’t normally do.

June is literally a blink away and my inspiration to try something(s) new really just came from stories about the history of football.

See the magic in reading?


How’s May been for you? What do you hope for June?

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