JUNE, 2018

After this weekend(more specifically 30/06/2018), I’ve realized that the concept of a luxurious Saturday has been well off my calendar for past and present events. Albeit a friend and I have this once-a-month thing where we go out for a random event over the weekend, it doesn’t live up to the sumptuous party I was at yesterday. Our agenda for this monthly ‘get out’ intention is to let loose and have an un-docile time with minimal restrictions.

So a one year old birthday’s party. For future parents as well current parents, is this a gig to go all out for?

In my blessed 23 years on this earth, I’ve been to a handful of kiddy parties and two of those were for one year olds (please keep in mind that this includes the parties I consciously attended when I was younger. Even the ones my mother/aunties dragged me to and I couldn’t decipher who the birthday party was for).

An opposrtunity to travel yet again to Meru was thrilling especially because the food at my family get togethers never ever (I mean absolutely ever) fails to disappoint. My twin cousins had hit the 365 day mark which makes me wonder whether this is a celebration for the kids or the parents. Thoughts?

Having considered the weather may be on the colder side as the county faces our great Mt. Ke, I didn’t contemplate a fancy outfit and settled on regular ol’ rubber shoes, tights and heavy knitted sweaters. We arrived at noon and settled in. My perception was the kiddies would do a typical Kenyan style pool party (that I’ve discovered is a way to exhaust the kids and allow the adults to drink and talk about parenthood) and thereafter cut cake and be gone. I even carried my laptop for this reason.

Well, like one of my cousins put it “If you know our auntie, then you know she would go all out for this party”

We arrived at the venue only to be welcomed into a well decorated room with carpeted floors and matching tables centred in between chairs with bows. This obviously signified wedding theme to lil ol me. A buffet was laid out before us and as always, my heart was filled with the excitement of the dining bit. It wasn’t until more guests began to arrive that I realised my dress choice was possibly a little ‘unsuitable’ for the occasion.

Now I’m not one to overthink my look but when you’re in a heavy sweater and a turban while the people around you are in 5inch heels and graduation looking gowns, you tend to sweat slightly on your forehead and underarms. The only thing that saved my look was my signature gold Sade hoops. Thank the Lord for my love of these accessories.

On my seventh, possibly eighth glass of wine, I realised one thing: the kind of Saturdays I’ve grown fond of are those that involve my laptop and a run through of Sex and the city episodes. Or, maybe, Soulection radio and a wide toothed comb in one hand and a handful of my hair in the other. On the once-a-month Saturdays with S.S, we’re casually dressed in denim and leather jackets sipping whatever beer we find most convenient to drink in that moment.

The kind of Saturdays I’ve become used to are a lot more relaxed than I’ve realized and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.


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