Chronology Tour meets Nairobi

There’s a question someone in my house asked when I arrived home at 4am on Sunday morning. This same question that my mind was probably whispering to me as I purchased a ticket to the Chronixx concert that was soon to come. At the time it was “what’s taking you to a reggae concert?” and the question that followed (at that 4am) was “what made you decide to go to a reggae concert?”

Since i’m writing this now, I can confidently say – like most music spaces that you find yourself keen on, I have one song stuck on reply in my head. Roots and Chalice. Literally, just those three words from the chorus of the song. Does that make the Chronixx concert memorable? Absolutely.

In the name of having a motto that starts and ends with ‘it’s 2018’, I’ve affirmed to do more new things. This way, I can rule out and make concise judgments on whether something (event, food, music, concert – you name it) is genuinely my forte, or not. One thing is clear as glass from this past weekend, never underestimate a show the Homeboyz team brings us. Never.

The first is the setting up of the stage and sound. If the audience at the back can’t get the same experience as those at the front, is the event a success? Me thinks not. As an organizer, ensuring the front line squeezers and the herders at the back get the same visual extraordinaire is essential. Having spent 3/4 of the concert with the squeezers and the final quarter of my time with the herders, I can proudly say I enjoyed the gig from the front and the back.

2018-07-22 03.45.40 1

My second applaud goes to Chronixx’s visual team who did the most with the background. A change through every song to keep those with a keen eye like myself ready to take more – and more pictures.

Chronixx, who’s currently on his Chronology album tour, graced Nairobi with both soulful and vibrant jams starting off with ‘We There’ and proceeding to play a plethora of songs including some of his most famous ‘Skankin’ Sweet’ and ‘Here Comes Trouble’. In a surprise twist, he brought a few Kenyan reggae acts on stage which went to show how impressed he is with the efforts locals are making in the reggae genre.



2018-07-22 04.32.46 120180722_014413

The least impressive observation of the night was the several pushers amongst the front line squeezers and the theft that was discussed on social platforms following the event. Living in Nairobi is an extreme sport (we know that) and attending a concert here is equally as daunting because you have to stay watchful of the person that stands next to you or rubs against you. So the question is, what will our local event organizers do to ensure their audience has not only a great experience but a safe one?

2018-07-22 04.39.29 1

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