Five African Podcasts for Each Day of your Weekday

Pan Africanism has become part of my everyday life and I’ll admit that this new wave came over me this year when I started by devoting myself to reading 80% African authored books. A good start right?

Over the past few months I’ve discovered that we (Africans) can write the shit out of literature and even so, are amazing storytellers. This thought along with having a work task that involved curating fact based, illuminating stories about Kenya’s counties set me on a path to listen to how people tell stories and verbally express their thoughts and concerns. Through making my ears available to new and existing podcasts, I was able to come up with a list of podcasts by Africans that are worth your time.

  1. Otherwise? Podcast


Brenda, the host, manages to address the issues the Kenyan society faces today. I presume this was after a long rant to some of her colleagues who suggested that she try and take it to the airwaves? Whatever the reason, I’m deeply appreciative of the topics featured in this audio as well as the occasional guests who you are striving to lift their creativity or our nation in general but rarely get featured on mainstream radio.

Find it here

  1. Passing Through Podcast

passing through

Nneka Julia became my icon when she began a weekly Instagram series on how to ‘effectively waste a man’s time’. Enhancing if not challenging herself and her ability to tell stories meant giving her avid insta-story watchers something to listen to, a podcast about the lessons she’s learnt during different seasons in her life. Although this podcast is not recorded in Africa, Nneka’s African descent plays a big role in the stories she tells. The production of this audio has accurate sound effects that keep you in the moments she talks about.

Find it on Linktree

  1. Nipe Story

nipe story

“Hadithi Hadithi?” “Paukwa?” These are some of the ways to invite people to listen to a story in East Africa. A calling that has been deeply rooted in me since my good old primary days. Kevin Mwachiro, a journalist who has a passion for stories (kind of like me) got my attention when he decided to feature audio-versions of short stories authored by Africans. A great alternative for the folks who haven’t yet mastered the magic of reading.

Listen to the various stories on Nipe Story podcast on Soundcloud

  1. I said what I said

2018-08-13 01.39.41 1.jpg

There’s something about West African conversations that delights me. Probably because I have always been a Naija film fan but I think the title of this podcast says it as it is. FK and Jollz have a lot to say about living as millennials in Africa – not so much complaining but addressing issues and giving personal outtakes on how they (or we, millennials) deal with these things and both the humorous and challenging obstacles along the journey to success.

Listen to the duo here

  1. The Chai Podcast


Get to meet three female badass Tanzanian creatives on this podcast. Whether you love black tea, chamomile tea, masala tea – you need a cup of a hot brew to chill with these ladies. Also, a notebook may be essential to note down the unsolicited advice that they share, particularly with regards to feminism. They are after all, giving you the tea 😉

Listen to this trio here

Any African podcast you’d like to share? Drop a comment below!

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