Let’s take a tour… shall we?

Allow me to introduce this journey with these two outstanding works of art I came across at the entrance of the Murumbi Art Gallery that is situated at the junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Uhuru Highway in Nairobi.

Art in the 254 is out of this world and if you have the eye for it, you’ll see that it’s all around us…. Let’s move along.

Wasp & Sprout is an African themed cafe in the heart of Loresho. It also happens to be the only decent cafe near the Paukwa office and being the sucka that I am for a double latte or masala tea, this is my spot.

Art Piece at Wasp & Sprout

On the floor above, a few steps to the left is this rustic balcony which has quite the view. It’s privately owned but should you get access, I recommend a picnic with a book and wine or just a tuna sandwich to enjoy on a sunny afternoon.

The Zone

Away from Nairobi, if there’s ever a destination I rarely get tired of, it has to be Ukunda (or Daini Beach). The slowness of life, the breeze of the ocean and of course the hakuna matata mantra that gives this place its oomph creates the perfect ambiance to unwind from your daily city life.

Given that Diani is about nine hours away from Nairobi by road, it’s not an every weekend destination (unless of course you have a holiday home) but AirBnb does come in handy.

I was fortunate to have visited the island twice in 2017 with the second visit having me usher the new year with lots of fireworks and sincere happiness. There’s something about voicing your resolutions towards the ocean that gives you a sense of wooh sah!

The house we stayed in was stocked with booze (and why not?) but what I loved most about its interior were these three Michael Soi hangings on one of the walls.

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Soi Pieces

Back to Nairobi, I should probably talk about potatoes (because they are the reason for our existence but instead of plain fries, let me inform you on the better version – bhajias!) I’m hungry just thinking about Diamond Plaza – the go to mall for the real Indian cuisine and best sweets.

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Maru Bhajia Stall

Maru Bhajia is one of the small stalls at the corner of the food court that has the best bhajias in Nairobi. Generously served (a portion you certainly will not finish alone) alongside ukwaju (tamarind sauce) and chilli sauce (made from raw red chillies) the bhajias are made with love. While you’re here, I urge you to try some sugarcane juice or even fried cassava and the best Indian sweets in Nairobi.

Nairobi, Kenya
Wabera Street in Nairobi

Back to the general business location, Saturdays are a definite shop till you drop if you’re into street markets – specifically those with African themed designs. I’ve time and time again, popped up at the Maasai Market off City Hall way (a few meters from the tail end of Wabera Street).

The street market is open every Saturday at this location. Among the designs you’ll find: khanga and leso items, rasta t-shirts and various gold, silver and bronze jewelry items, not forgetting interior decor items to African-ize your home!