Five African Podcasts for Each Day of your Weekday

Pan Africanism has become part of my everyday life and I’ll admit that this new wave came over me this year when I started by devoting myself to reading 80% African authored books. A good start right? Over the past few months I’ve discovered that we (Africans) can write the shit out of literature and even so, are amazing storytellers. This thought along with having a work task that involved curating fact based, illuminating stories about Kenya’s counties set me on a path to listen to how people tell stories and verbally express their thoughts and concerns. Through making my … Continue reading Five African Podcasts for Each Day of your Weekday

Chronology Tour meets Nairobi

There’s a question someone in my house asked when I arrived home at 4am on Sunday morning. This same question that my mind was probably whispering to me as I purchased a ticket to the Chronixx concert that was soon to come. At the time it was “what’s taking you to a reggae concert?” and the question that followed (at that 4am) was “what made you decide to go to a reggae concert?” Since i’m writing this now, I can confidently say – like most music spaces that you find yourself keen on, I have one song stuck on reply … Continue reading Chronology Tour meets Nairobi

JUNE, 2018

After this weekend(more specifically 30/06/2018), I’ve realized that the concept of a luxurious Saturday has been well off my calendar for past and present events. Albeit a friend and I have this once-a-month thing where we go out for a random event over the weekend, it doesn’t live up to the sumptuous party I was at yesterday. Our agenda for this monthly ‘get out’ intention is to let loose and have an un-docile time with minimal restrictions. So a one year old birthday’s party. For future parents as well current parents, is this a gig to go all out for? … Continue reading JUNE, 2018

MAY, 2018

In one of the historical stories I came across while doing my research on the evolution of sports in East Africa, I realized that we’ve come a long way from the colonial era and the manifestation of the process began during colonial rule. I found that as much as a lot of sports were introduced to us through Europeans, we’ve managed to show if not anything else, that we can soar. Essentially, proving to the white folk who came to our land with the notion that we were not intelligent that they shouldn’t underestimate our capabilities. Football, which is possibly … Continue reading MAY, 2018