JUNE, 2018

After this weekend(more specifically 30/06/2018), I’ve realized that the concept of a luxurious Saturday has been well off my calendar for past and present events. Albeit a friend and I have this once-a-month thing where we go out for a random event over the weekend, it doesn’t live up to the sumptuous party I was … Continue reading JUNE, 2018

MAY, 2018

In one of the historical stories I came across while doing my research on the evolution of sports in East Africa, I realized that we’ve come a long way from the colonial era and the manifestation of the process began during colonial rule. I found that as much as a lot of sports were introduced … Continue reading MAY, 2018

APRIL, 2018

And just like that, we’re five months into the year! It’s 30th April 2018 and I’m reflecting on this past month as well as the first quarter of the year. Writing has become more than a job to me. Reading is becoming a preferred habit for leisure. Nova (my afro) is blooming and her volume … Continue reading APRIL, 2018

The Words

I’m thinking of a time when I had an altercation with my neighbour at the front of our gate. I’m not bitter about that moment as I write this because so much has happened since then, but let me share with you that moment. The details are still blurry – or perhaps that’s what I’m … Continue reading The Words