APRIL, 2018

And just like that, we’re five months into the year! It’s 30th April 2018 and I’m reflecting on this past month as well as the first quarter of the year. Writing has become more than a job to me. Reading is becoming a preferred habit for leisure. Nova (my afro) is blooming and her volume is A1. We’re connecting and communicating better as a family. I’m living my best life! I wanted to wait until the day was over before I could conclude on it and here we are.. I made a bold decision today and I’m smiling about it. … Continue reading APRIL, 2018


Excuse me? Hello. Hi. I needed to preach today about Beyonce because .. Coachella, or better still, BEYCHELLA. I’m speaking this out loud as I type it because I want to say I’m speaking – as well as writing this for some girls, who share this opinion. Beyonce is a performer! Period. I’ve typed this following a brief conversation I’ve had with a person about whether Bey would ever come to Nairobi – and how expensive it would be that people would probably not want to go, or afford to buy. But i’m hear to speak hope (because it’s Sunday … Continue reading GIRLS (AND GUYS) LOVE BEYONCE!

The Words

I’m thinking of a time when I had an altercation with my neighbour at the front of our gate. I’m not bitter about that moment as I write this because so much has happened since then, but let me share with you that moment. The details are still blurry – or perhaps that’s what I’m choosing to say because if I give you the whole story perhaps these words will turn into something worth being published. I’ve told myself that if I’m ever to be published, my words will not entail the ruins of my life. They will not entail … Continue reading The Words

In the spirit of appreciating creatives…

Earlier last week (28.03.2018) I attended the Sondeka Creative’s Award show. I had previously submitted my podcast but as fate would have it, NSP didn’t make the cut. When my colleague at work told me that Paukwa Stories (my work residence) had qualified and was nominated under the ‘short stories’ category, I was ecstatic to say the least because among the compilation of stories she had submitted, a number were authored by me. The event was bliss, to say the least – with creatives from all walks of life, poised and comfortable in our various African themed outfits. The MC … Continue reading In the spirit of appreciating creatives…

Praise Yourself but Grow Yourself

As we conclude the month of March, i’m focusing on my personal achievements. For a young creative in Nairobi, to me they seem minimal and I have a few friends who would beg to differ yet at the end of the day it’s all in the power of the mind. My mind is often my greatest nightmare and sometimes I get lost in the belief that I haven’t done enough. But what is enough? ENOUGH: As much or as many as required. (SYNONYMS – adequate, ample, sufficient, abundant) The truth in this is that enough has to come from contentment. … Continue reading Praise Yourself but Grow Yourself